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Clare Long

Norgay HR Consulting

We are definitely not a "tech savvy" team, so using Trello was a no brainer. We love the simplicity of the interface and the way it works consistently across all devices. However, we could see so much more potential that Trello had to offer if only they would add certain features. The trouble of course is that we can't wait for Trello to add those features (if they ever would!). That's when we found Trellinator and started getting our entire business automated inside Trello. The whole thing runs like a magical machine now, I can't believe how effective it is. It makes Trello the most powerful workflow and business management system I've ever seen.

Alex Starkey

LPG Fire

As the operations manager I have a LOT to keep track of. Not only that, but I want to make sure I have the visibility and accountability in my team to know exactly what's happening at all times. Past attempts at achieving this all seemed to involve lots of forms and data entry overhead. Stuff that might work for a few weeks but was all thrown out the window when things got busy. Trellinator has made Trello a common platform for all staff to work from, that ensures total visibility and accountability of all aspects of operations.

Neal Ashworth

White Gorilla Developments

I do a lot of project management and client management. I was having trouble keeping my CRM up to date with all the various deals and contacts I was making, while still managing delivery of projects inside Trello. Trellinator has helped me integrate Trello with my CRM so I can seamlessly operate within Trello, knowing all the while that my CRM and sales reporting is being kept up to date automatically.

Adrian Fields

Classic Kit Homes

I have been using Trellinator for a few months now. I know at a glance what I have to do next in my day, week & month. I highly recommend Trellinator if you are getting overwhelmed with manual processes, and want to get on track to a more productive day.

Koos Vis

Diamond Hoof Care

It is great to work with Trellinator. It has helped our company with building sustainable systems. Processes that used Outlook email templates in the past are now using Trello for templates, checklists and automation. We love organizing absolutely every aspect of the business inside our Trello boards and even sending emails from Trello on mobile devices. I recommend Trellinator for any business systemizing!

Eden Connell

Zoom in With Eden

Wow things are different in my business since working with Trellinator! I'm more organised and have more systems in place, this helps me to be more efficient and gives me a better work/life balance. Thank you so much for your professionalism and help.

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