Ditch the ... 1300 number personal mobile
second work
1800 number office landline phony answering

... and get a Magic Mobile number

With a Magic Mobile number you can:

  • Engage with prospects, customers, staff and suppliers the way they prefer, from any device

  • Ditch the second "work phone" for you and your staff

  • Take back your time off and control who contacts you, and when

  • Easily turn messages into tasks and share conversations with other team members

  • Get access to the only virtual number in Australia that does voice, SMS and MMS on the same number

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How can Magic Mobile set you and your team free?

Jeremy Cochineas

Home Care Assistance Sydney East

TXT and MMS are essential tools for managing communication not only with my team but also with my prospects and clients throughout the sales and delivery lifecycle. Existing "virtual numbers" that allowed me to TXT or MMS from a computer or mobile app worked well BUT when someone called the number it simply said it was "disconnected"! Several prospects thought I'd gone out of business because they couldn't call me on the same number they could TXT me on. It wasn't a viable solution. With Magic Mobile I can get the same benefit as a "virtual" mobile number that lets me do TXT/MMS from a web and mobile app PLUS gives me the ability to make and receive phone calls from the same number without having to give everyone access to my personal mobile number. I can share the responsibility for handling those messages and calls with my team and easily turn individual messages into tasks or actions. It is a genuinely magical experience.

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>>> Book a demo! <<<

... or if you'd like more info, feel free to give us a call or TXT on 0424 261 976 or email iain@magicmobile.com.au