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Alex Starkey

LPG Fire

"As the operations manager I have a LOT to keep track of. Not only that, but I want to make sure I have the visibility and accountability in my team to know exactly what's happening at all times. Past attempts at achieving this all seemed to involve lots of forms and data entry overhead. Stuff that might work for a few weeks but was all thrown out the window when things got busy. Hooked on Zero has provided a common platform for all staff to work from, that ensures total visibility and accountability of all aspects of operations."

Elizabeth Kaelin


"I've been running my business for several years. My team is small but dedicated and things have always been easy to manage, but when we started to really get traction and sales were increasing rapidly, it was clear that we needed a better way to collaborate. We already used a project management system, but the thought of bringing in new people to a system that had grown along with the team seemed daunting. Hooked on Zero gave us a repeatable system that we can use with new team members to get them collaborating quickly and efficiently."

Neal Ashworth

White Gorilla Developments

"I had never even SEEN an empty inbox before, let alone had one myself. I knew that I needed to change something in order to manage my sales funnel more effectively and keep track of important tasks but nothing I tried worked. Hooked on Zero emptied out my inbox in a single afternoon. With a quick and easy way to prioritise tasks and communications all in one place I feel confident that I'm focusing on my highest value work every single day. Emails go to my task manager (Trello) where I can allocate priorities, tag colleagues, VAs and get other people working on getting me answers to the email so I can reply and action it."

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