Increase the capacity of your business without additional full time staff


When a business is experiencing capacity issues, it's usually to do with one of the following:


Do you want a culture of accountability & initiative? Do you want to improve training, reduced workloads and reduced micromanagement? Culture is not about choosing where to host the Christmas party or having lunch together. Culture is about how confident people are in doing their jobs. When your staff are frustrated; when people play the blame game; when the owner of the business is working harder than the staff they employ, it's a problem of CULTURE.


When a business is growing fast, one of the most difficult things to maintain is quality. When a business is small enough that the owner can fastidiously approve everything, quality comes naturally. But how do you scale beyond the scope of the owner, or add new locations, enter new markets or grow through acquisition or franchising, whilst still maintaining a high level of quality? We improve consistency by creating documentation that is USED, IMPROVED & INTERCONNECTED; splitting up roles and putting in place quality assurance systems. All this serves to improve CONSISTENCY.


When most people think collaboration, they think COMMUNICATION. What we find, though, is that businesses who rely on ad-hoc communication to collaborate quickly develop a culture of INTERRUPTION. True collaboration requires the right tools and efficient, structured procedures that dictate when, how and why people on your team should communicate to achieve their collaborative objectives. We don't want to stifle a fun work environment, but when people are on the job they should be able to focus. Having these tools and processes in place also allows business owners to benefit from the awesome power of outsourcing both locally or overseas. Remote work is great for full time staff, too. In many cases, the biggest office perk, is having no office.

The Procedure People 3 Month Capacity Kickstart helps business owners overcome capacity issues without hiring additional full time staff

Here's how it works:

We spend a day on-site at your business with you and your key staff conducting a high level strategic overview and analysing what technology you're currently using in your business, and how.

We produce a process map and detailed 3 month implementation plan which detailing how we will write procedures, implement technology and outsource support functions to increase the capacity of your business.

We work with you closely to implement the tools and processes outlined in our plan. Following our initial 3 month programme we will work with you for as long as it takes to meet the programme objectives, at no extra cost.

So what do our customers have to say?

Pandora Shelley


"The Procedure People have been a life saver for our business. We are often so focused on growing and chasing new opportunities that little time is put aside for creating systems and processes. We really felt the pain of this when we hired a new office manager and had little processes in place which made training very time consuming. As a not-for-profit, we couldn't afford such a time waste again. Before we made our next hire, we seeked help from The Procedure People to help us with systemisation. Very quickly, they identified time wasting processes and implemented very effective solutions that have decreased initial training costs and ongoing management costs. The Procedure People bring a very innovative perspective to the table, it is evident that they are always on top of the latest solutions. They were always on call when needed and regularly checked in on us to make sure we were on track which we greatly appreciated. They get the job done very efficiently and are super passionate about what they do. We can't recommend them enough!"

Matt Noffs

The Ted Noffs Foundation

"Framing policies and procedures as compliance and 'just more paper work' sets the wrong tone for any organisation. What Iain and his team do is get you thinking about what systems could be automated and what is really worth your time. Far beyond boring policies and procedures, these guys helped us see the wood for the trees when it came to systems. Ultimately they helped us move faster by increasing our efficiency. We're also far more effective in the community because we've culled anything that wasted our managers time. That's what the Procedure People do - give you more time for the important things. And I'm not overstating that."

Dan Liszka

NSW Leaders

"Even though my sales process was working well, my challenge was scaling it. I had already developed sales administration systems, but all my time was still spent in meetings. The Procedure People analysed my existing sales process and identified an opportunity to split up my role and leverage my time with a "one to many" sales process. This stands to increase my sales capacity by approximately 200%."

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